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Question: how do you get to know new (or old, but new to you) music nowadays?

Pergunta: como vcs ficam sabendo de música nova (ou velha, mas nova para vcs) hoje em dia?

A gente pensa que distopias despertam a atenção pro risco daquilo acontecer, mas acho que elas têm o efeito oposto. Black Mirror fez foi as pessoas acharem que é tudo fantasia, mesmo se o episódio do ranking social já está acontecendo na China.


Last week someone posted and article here which talked about how every effort we do in avoiding the big companies counts because shareholders expect very large margins, so any decrease can have a significant impact. Can anyone help me find it again, please? Thanks!

WhatsApp is huge where I live, so it’s very difficult to move away from Facebook completely. Anyway, I’ve been playing the annoying guy and insisting with my friends to move to Signal (or at least Telegram, even if I have my anxieties about it as well). Yesterday my weekly usage report surprised me with this. My insistence seems to be working! Now it’s time for micro.blog/Icro to go up.

Gente, essa história de que a filha do Fux era sócia do Bebianno procede mesmo?

Seems like suddenly half the people I’ve talked with last week mentions Marie Kondo at some point. Had never heard of her. Now I’ve come across this article (https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jan/07/what-we-gain-from-keeping-books-and-why-it-doesnt-need-to-be-joy-marie-kondo) and she doesn’t good. Any opinions?

Para quem está tentando se achar no MuseScore: https://t.co/GlX8Lqsabt?amp=1

Make no mistake, I’m a leftist, for sure, but I’ve got to say: identity is not something that exists in and by itself.